First Crush

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One of our hardier roses, bred by German hybridizers, Kordes, this is rose is part of their Parfuma collection, so called for a focus on fragrance. First Crush has blooms that are perfectly cupped. Notched outer petals of creamy blush give way to a rich pink centers. This rose makes a beautiful garden shrub. Wonderful for northern climates! Note: these are roses we've been growing at the farm for several years and will arrive as a 4 year old plant with extensive roots.

Hardy: Zone 5-10
Bloom: Very full, cupped, flushes spring through fall
Fragrance: strong
Color: Light pink to blush
Type: Floribunda

Our farm-grown nursery roses will be shipped in mid-spring 2019. Roses are shipped in nursery pots with extensive roots, so please plan to transfer your roses to larger containers or plant them in the ground upon arrival. Roses will arrive leafed out and ready to produce roses for you in spring! Roses sourced from our growers will be shipped as bare root roses after your last frost.

California Residents: You may pickup your roses at our farm the last week of April. We will refund your shipping costs upon pickup of your roses.

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