British Queen

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As if the name weren’t regal enough, this beauty’s blooms are perfection. Her 1913 nursery introduction brags, “Vigorous, yet refined habit of growth, this rose promises to eclipse all the other pure white competitors. It is quite hardy, excellent for exhibition, garden, or house ornamentation.” Gee…what else could you need in a rose? Not a lot of fragrance would be the only complaint I would dare to make about this Monarch. Early Hybrid Teas are some of the most beautiful and graceful roses ever created, in my humble opinion. Charming in a way the modern reproduction garden roses just can’t recreate. She reigns supreme.

Hardy: 6b-10b
Bloom:Medium, double
Fragrance: Moderate
Color: White
Type: Hybrid Tea

Our farm-grown nursery roses will be shipped in mid-spring 2019. Roses are shipped in nursery pots with extensive roots, so please plan to transfer your roses to larger containers or plant them in the ground upon arrival. Roses will arrive leafed out and ready to produce roses for you in spring! Roses sourced from our growers will be shipped as bare root roses after your last frost.

California Residents: You may pickup your roses at our farm the last week of April. We will refund your shipping costs upon pickup of your roses.

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