Le Pactole

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Named for sands which turned gold when Midas washed away his curse of the Golden Touch and thought to be extinct until rediscovered, studied, identified and distributed by Fred Boutin. This 1837 Tea Noisette is another one of the “found” roses we offer. Found roses are so called because they were found growing in romantic places, like old cemeteries and not so romantic places, like abandoned dirt parking lots. The pale lemon petals on a fully open bloom resemble ribbons held in generous clusters.

Most of us can grow beautiful roses when we take the time to cultivate them well. However, when you find a rose growing in an abandoned parking lot you know you’ve got a survivor! Found roses have grown and bloomed despite drought, animal browsing, weed eaters and herbicides. Imagine the beauty produced when its shown a little love. This is a large rose, highly disease resistant and drought tolerant once established. Beautiful cut rose.

Hardy: 7b-10b
Bloom: Large, double, cluster, cupped
Fragrance: Medium, wafting
Color: Lemon, yellow, cream
Type: Tea Noisette

Our farm-grown nursery roses will be shipped in mid-spring 2019. Roses are shipped in nursery pots with extensive roots, so please plan to transfer your roses to larger containers or plant them in the ground upon arrival. Roses will arrive leafed out and ready to produce roses for you in spring! Roses sourced from our growers will be shipped as bare root roses after your last frost.

California Residents: You may pickup your roses at our farm the last week of April. We will refund your shipping costs upon pickup of your roses.

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