Desdemona By The Dozen

About This Rose

Desdemona is a newer rose for us introduced in 2016. She blooms in clusters and has the softest look to her. Smaller blooms, but tons of charm. Limited quantities!

  • Color: Faintest nearly translucent blush fading to ivory cream when fully open
  • Shape: Cabbage style
  • Scent: Very scented
  • Bloom Size: 2-3" in clusters of 3-5 blooms
  • Stem Length: 10-12"
  • Stems per Bunch: 12 

Beautiful, fragrant garden roses by the dozen for everyone! Florists, home decor and lifestyle bloggers, DIY brides, dinner party hosts, and anyone who loves having fresh flowers in your home, our roses are perfect for you!

Grace Rose Farm heirloom garden roses are grown organically at our California farm and shipped directly to your home! Our roses are:

  • Non-toxic and free of chemicals
  • Safe for pregnant woman and your precious children
  • Beyond fragrant, making your home smell like a beautiful rose garden
  • Farm to table with no handling in between

Please note, we can only send to one address per order. If you want to send multiple bouquets for different people, you will need to order each bouquet individually.


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