Connie's Sandstorm

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A beautiful, shapely shrub that earns it’s keep in the garden, this vigorous rose is nearly always in bloom. Bred by our friend Burling Leong from two favorites, Angel Face and Honey Dijon, we’ve trialled this rose for two seasons and we love it. She starts out mauve on the outer petals with honey golden inner petals. As it opens and fades, the beautiful saffron stamens are revealed.

Hardy: Zone 6a-10b
Bloom: Fully double, repeat spring through fall
Fragrance: Medium
Color: Orchid to copper to honey mustard
Type: Grandiflora

Our nursery roses will be shipped in late April or early May 2019 depending on weather conditions across the country. Our roses are two year old plants upon delivery. Roses will be shipped in three gallon nursery pots with extensive roots, so please plan to transfer your roses to larger containers or plant them in the ground upon arrival. Your roses will arrive leafed out (possibly with buds) and ready to produce roses for you in spring! Each of our roses comes with our organic, hand-mixed planting amendment and planting/care instructions.

California Residents: You may pickup your roses at our farm the last week of April. We will refund your shipping costs upon pickup of your roses.

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